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  • Alex Benzer

    Alex Benzer

    Director of Product @ Medium

  • Matt Schellhas

    Matt Schellhas

    Dour, opinionated leader of software engineers.

  • Vasil Nedelchev

    Vasil Nedelchev

    Product Designer. Writing about making a living as a freelance UI/UX designer designsolo.co

  • Blake Lemoine

    Blake Lemoine

    I'm a software engineer. I'm a priest. I'm a father. I'm a veteran. I'm an ex-convict. I'm an AI researcher. I'm a cajun. I'm whatever I need to be next.

  • Karla Starr

    Karla Starr

    Author x2, inc. Making Numbers Count (w/ Chip Heath). Behavioral science, cultural history, systems, numbers.

  • Ryder Carroll

    Ryder Carroll

    Creator of the Bullet Journal®. NYT Best-selling author and digital product designer, living in Brooklyn, NY.

  • Elaine Chao

    Elaine Chao

    I work for Adobe on Adobe XD. Also a martial arts instructor, musician, writer, volunteerism advocate. Opinions mine.

  • Wil Wheaton

    Wil Wheaton

    Wizard. Time Lord. Fake geek girl. On a good day I am charming as fuck.

  • Matt Wierzbicki

    Matt Wierzbicki

    Product Designer from Poland

  • Lowell Stevens

    Lowell Stevens

    Designer, writer, esports fan. Founder and creative director @ www.foxandfarthing.com

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